Our Story

Falcanna Oklahoma owners Bethany and Thorn’s relationship goes back to their childhood growing up as cousins to one another. Although 5 years apart, early on there was a mutual appreciation for nature and well… just being down to earth. Thorn has an early fond memory of visiting Bethany while she was training her very first falconry bird, a red tail hawk named Nikoma when Bethany was fifteen.

Fourteen years again on a trip to Washington to learn from a renowned falconry mentor, Bethany met her now husband and Co-founder of Falcanna, Justin Rondeau and the rest is history… Over the years, Falcanna’s reputation for top shelf cannabis spread from its original medical patients to the rest of the state, where strains gained cult-like status and product barely touched the shelves before being scooped up by budtenders and customers alike. Bethany and Justin run a state-of-the-art cannabis facility in Washington as well as their raptor rehabilitation center. Bethany was born in Stillwater, OK and is thrilled to have the opportunity to come back home with her exclusive in-house cannabis genetics.

Falcanna Oklahoma Owner Thorn McMartin was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma and graduated from Edmond Memorial Highschool in 2013. Growing up fascinated with natural sciences led Thorn to move to Fayetteville, Arkansas to pursue a degree and care er in Geology. After graduating, Oklahoma was calling him back and he got to work in the Oil and Gas industry starting as a “mudlogger” for Pinson Well Logging. His experience brought him to work onsite various drilling rigs across Oklahoma for operators such as Continental Resources, Devon Energy, and many more… Over three years he worked his way up to manager of the geosteering department and led a team of 15+ geologist to perform onsite drilling operations. The biggest blessing from his work happened to be in the form of a stray dog that appeared during a job. Woodford (named after the target rock formation from that well) has been by his side ever since.

In 2020, Thorn accepted a job in Houston as an operational geologist. Little did he know, Oklahoma wasn’t done with him… 3 weeks into starting his job he was laid off due to complications during the start of Covid. Like many, his world flipped upside down and decided to spend some time traveling and catching up with family and friends. A casual trip to the Olympic Peninsula to visit his cousin turned into the birth of a grand idea. The plan to bring the quality cannabis Falcanna is known for to our home state!

In April of 2021, Bethany and Thorn knew that they had to share the incredible experience that Falcanna cannabis had always provided for them to Oklahoma. They quickly secured their license together and put in the hard work to get Falcanna Oklahoma launched. The Falcanna cultivation facility in Guthrie began operation in June of 2022 along with the first of 4 planned dispensary locations opening doors in Edmond, OK in March of 2023 and Guthrie, OK in April of 2023.

Our cannabis flower is 100% organically grown and pesticide-free. We seek to offer our customers consistently high-quality flower, sustainably grown and with reliable effects. Offering 17 strains, the dispensary offers an exclusive selection of proprietary Falcanna genetics as well as medical-grade CBD and CBG flower. Whether you are trying cannabis for the first time, have specific medical needs, are an experienced connoisseur, or are just looking to try something new, our dispensaries are designed to provide a welcoming and relaxing shopping experience.